Private Training

Train with the best to become your best!

Private Lessons


100% customizable individual training with a highly qulaified trainer. 
Focus on shooting, finishing at the rim, exploding past defenders, or any other aspect of your game, because this 30 minutes is all about you!

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Private Lesson


One hour of integrative training with a top tier coach to elevate your game beyond your competition. 
Build skills, strength, explosivness, and become a scoring machine!

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Small Group Extended Lesson

$50.00 per athlete

Sharpen your skills with your own small group of 2-3 friends, because competition pushes you to be better.
Put your group together and choose the focus for your hour of training. 

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We are very glad to have found Coach Felty to train our daughter. 
Coach Felty's knowledge, patience, attention to detail, and ability to break down and communicate each skill to a young athlete is exceptional. 
We have seen great improvement in our daughter's skill set since starting work with Coach Felty, and our daughter really enjoys their sessions together.

Parents and athletes say...
I enjoy working with Coach Felty, because she makes things easy for me to understand so I can adjust.​